• Quality. Flexibility. Customizability
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Home Textile, Kitchen & Institutional Linen
  • Quality. Flexibility. Customizability
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Home Textile, Kitchen & Institutional Linen
  • Quality. Flexibility. Customizability
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Home Textile, Kitchen & Institutional Linen
  • Quality. Flexibility. Customizability
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Home Textile, Kitchen & Institutional Linen

CEO Message

I believe quality is doing it right when no one is looking. We strive to improve the quality of products with our dedicated team of experts carries a wide range of experience in textile field. Customer's satisfaction is my prime directive. We expect your advice and support.
Thanks for backing up the credentials in your resume with hard work, preseverance and loyalty to the company. I am proud of my team who is hungry for challenges and excellence.

Muhammad Shahzad

About us

Shahzad Textile Industries is the name associated supreme quality products, dedicated staff and history of excellence. Shahzad Textile Industries offer complete solution from cotton to shelf.

Company was established in 1968, by CH Taj Muhammad former ex-president of all Pakistan loom association as a fabric manufacturer business house. In mid 80s company became the key player of the local market and managed to expand its business to 20 countries. In 2001, Mohammed Shahzad had the succession of the business after Mr Taj Muhammad. His dynamic and creative ideas lead the company to be innovative both in terms of quality of product and production process itself moving the company into the new dimensions.

  • Weaving 90%

  • Stitching 80%

  • Printing 85%

Our Products

We are producing different kinds of white/Dyed, Printed Fabric, Bed set, Quilt, Curtains, Waffle Blanket, Kitchen linen, Kitchen Towels, Table cover, Aprons, Kids Linen, Prefold Diapers, Twill Diapers, wash gloves, Terry Linen, Bath Towels, Bathrobe, Bathmats, Pool Towel, Embroidery Towel, Institutional Linen, Hotel white Sheets, Hospital Sheets, Patient/Doctor Gown, Mattress Protector, Thermal/Cellular Blakent, Gun Cleaning Cloth, Packing Bags, Dust Sheet, Polishing cloth and Laundry Bags etc.


Shahzad Textile Industries having a weaving capacity of around 40,000 meters per day (in different weave). We are equipped with verity of machines. The main plant and equipment installed in the weaving is as following

Weaving & Dying


Auto 112", 140 Looms | Auto 105’’, 100 Looms |Auto 126’’, 40 Looms| Draper 72", 96Looms|Draper 105’’, 64Looms|Draper 120’’, 40Looms| Shuttleless 110", 36Looms| Shuttleless130", 60Looms | Shuttleless 153’’, 24 Looms equipped with came and dobby.


STI engage with multiple units and accommodate 12 inch to 120 inches white & dyed in continuous Bleach, kare Bleach, IR Continuous dyeing, jigger Dyeing, Reactive Thermosol Dyeing and Vat Dyeing. Under the supervision of our qualified and experienced team we obtain best quality.

Printing & Stitching


To meet customer demand and requirement successfully, we utilize the best available printing facility in town achieving quality production. For instance, Print 59 inch to 118 inch and for digital print up to 118 inch. Our quality assurance department closely monitor all quality parameters throughout the process and test the finished product before delivery.


We are equipped with latest stitching machines and highly skilled labour to meet our modern stitching requirements. The machines include Flat lock machines, Safety Over lock, Double needle and Kansai special.

Environment policy

Environment policy

As a company, it is our foremost concern to look out for the environment and we have a set of checkpoints to go by which include measuring progress and reporting our results. Not only that, we also equip our employees with the training and knowledge to be responsible towards the environment by encouraging our suppliers to adopt effective environmental management practices. Shahzad Textile Industries ensures environmental safety by employing systems designed to cut-down the use of hazardous materials and by recycling waste which in turn results in lesser waste produced.

Contribution to society

STI benefit the society and our country as a whole by planting trees and funding trusts that ensure environmental well-being, human health development, educational development and pollution prevention measurement.

Get in Touch

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  • P-43, Street # 2, Yarn Market, Karkhana Bazar, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
  • +92 (41) 2612375-2622375
  • info@shahzadtextile.com

  • Factory Address: 9 KM Jaranwala road opposite Al-Shifa hospital Faisalabad.
  • +92 (41) 8741375